Guitar Silk dress - HANDMADE

"Guitar" Silk dress - HANDMADE

Silk handmade outfit with shorts

Silk handmade outfit with shorts

About Us
Marina Yukish Maternity Wearâ„¢ was founded in 2007 by Ukrainian designer Marina Yukish.

Having personally experienced a critical shortage of dressy maternity clothes that would be in line with the latest trends of fashion, as well as comfortable for the mother and the baby, Marina Yukish accepted the challenge to fill the gap of beautiful clothes for pregnant women. Marina Yukish offers Maternity Wear in countries like Ukraine, Australia, United Kingdom - UK, New Zealand - NZ, United States - US. Nowadays, thanks to Marina, stylish mums can enjoy the blessing ...

Диана Чеботарь, Берлин.

Добрый день. Решила написать отзыв, так не могла удержаться. Я по натуре свое&...